I have been taking photographs for many years and after much prodding from friends and admirers I decided to offer my "perspectives" to the world. I have always had an affinity for nature... from the tiniest insect, to the tallest tree, and beyond!  One could say I am "besotted" with Nature and all of her diversity. With camera in hand my awareness scans the elements around me directed by an inner guidance. With my senses I'm drawn by the silent beckoning from the Devas to look there, over there, or up there! Often that intuition unfolds something that is quite amazing and click! my camera captures the image. 

Here in the North Carolina Mountains I am offered a wide pallet from which to choose. Surrounded by much beauty I never run out of things to capture with the lens of the camera and my "perspective".  And it's not just the mountains but everywhere I go that I find the beautiful, unusual, stunning, and breathtaking elements that get photographed with "Sophia's Perspective".   Thank you for meandering through my site. My hope is that these images will create a longing within that catapults you outside into nature to engage your senses with this amazing place we call home.

Please check out my Daily Nature Blog by clicking on the "Perspectives" tab.

In Gratitude,   Sophia


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